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What is Change Management?

We will explain change management in a simple way. Imagine that your new project is to build a new house.
You have planned to build a very simple cheap kitchen and you have allocated money for that. During the project your partner realize that they would like to have a nice fancy Italian kitchen. Well this was not planned from the start, you didn't allocate money for this but you still would like to do this.

Since this was not there from the start it's changing the scope of the project this is a change to your project and you need to do a change request. This is one type of change management explained in a simple way. 

Change management process in Easynote

Change management process

Let us show you in few simple steps how the change management process is working.

1. A request for change will come, often to the project manager, where someone has identified a need for a change in a project.

2. Then we need to do a impact analasys. If we implement this change what will be the impact be on the project when it comes to time, quality or cost. What are the risks? 

3. The project manager will then approve or deny this change request. The project manager can often present this change request to a steering team where they can also approve or deny this change. It's all depending how big the change is.

4. Once the change has been approved then it's time to implement the change.

5. And once the change has been implemented then we should review the change and make the report. What is the outcome of this change implementation. What were the results etc.

How to create new change

A change request on Easynote is done in only few steps and will give you all required information needed to keep track of all changes in your project.

1. Description of change

Describe the background of this change and where it comes from

2. Reason for change

Why would you implement this change? Describe a reason

3. What are the benefits

If you implement this change what will be the benefits be

4. Cost to implement this change

Describe how much it's going to cost to implement this change

5. Project impact

Describe how this change is affecting the project according to time, quality or cost

How to create a new change request?

Keep track of all change requests

Since there is usually one change request approver and that is usually project manager of a project we have made sure that the project owner in Easynote is the only one who can a approve a change requests. Every change request will be sent to the project owner.

View all change requests

Some of the companies using our change management

Many companies are relying on right processes and change management is a very important one and here are some of the companies using our change management app

  • IAEA is using change management
  • Herbalife is one customer using change management process
  • For Harvard University change management process is important
  • NHS
  • Volvo is using Change Management in their company
  • Swedish company Ericsson is using change management process from Easynote

View a change request

Get an overview of a change request.

View a change request on Easynote
Need to add comments to your change request?

Add comments to a change request

Keep track of what is happening in a change by adding comments to a change requests.

Comments can be added by the project owner or project members and it's a great way to keep track of everything happening in a change request

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