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Milestone planning is one of the most important aspects of project planning, because project milestones are the most visible indicators of project progress.

Milestones app - Keep track of all milestones in your project

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Why do you need milestones in a project?

Why milestones?

Milestones can add huge value to a project scheduling. So, when starting a project, milestones can help immensely with scheduling. Milestones are most commonly found in project management software, and are represented as diamonds in the Gantt chart feature.  

See all tasks assigned to a milestone

Get an overview of all tasks assigend to certain milestone. Check what tasks have been completed in a milestone. Once all tasks have been completed connected to a milestone then the milestone will be marked green.

Time left until next milestone

It's important to keep track of the milestones and how much time it is left until next milestone. With our day tracked you can see how much time is left until next milestone needs to be completed

Overview of milestones and tasks

Get an overiew of all milestones and tasks connected to those. See the total picture of the entire project and when things need to be completed.

See all milestones and all tasks connected to those on Easynote
Create, edit and manage milestones in a simple way on Easynote

Create, edit and manage milestones

With Easynote you can create and edit milestones in just few steps. Organize your milestones according to date and connect right tasks to them in a simple way.

People love using milestones. They are simple and they help a project to stay upto date.

"We really love Easynote's milestones. It gives us a great overview of our important milestones and what we need to do in order to reach them."

- Martha Gozic
   Creative Director

Assing milestones to a task

Assign milestones to tasks

When creating or editing a task is super simple to assign a task to milestone. Once you go to the Milestones app you will see entire overview of all tasks assigned to milestones.

A user using milestones on Easynote

"What better way to focus on right things than having the milestones. This is for sure helping us to set priority on our tasks and be more efficient in our company"

- Victor Emerson
   Frontend Developer
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Perfect Intergration   for your work

Easynote is offering a wide range of integrations to make your workflow easier! From Gdrive, Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar to many more...

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