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Why risk management?

If you are a project manager or a project member you are managing risks every day, and it's one of the most important things you do. If you learn how to manage and how to mitigate your risks then your project will be more successful,  run more smootly and be a better experience for everyone involved in the project.

Start by identify the risks in you project

You together with your team try to identify, recognize and describe the risks that might affect your project and its outcome

Then analyse the risks

Once you have your risks identified you need to analyze them and determine the consequence of those risks. This step is very important.

Evaluate the risks

You go then through each risks and you try to evaluate it and rank it. You can categories your risks by probability also.

Treat and monitor your risks

Assess your highest ranked risks and set out a plan on how to treat them. The make a follow up and monitor your risks and actions taken to mitigate those

Our Risk Management is used by many companies

Some of the companies using our Risk Management to manage risks in their projects!

Manage your project risks on Easynote in a simple way

It doesn't need to be any harder to manage your risks
as shown in image below. Start by creating a risklist and then...

Simply add new risk, set the probability if it will happen, how big risk is it, assign a responsible person and set a status. If you have any more comments then add them and
your are set to go! Good luck managing your risks!

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Perfect Intergration   for your work

Easynote is offering a wide range of integrations to make your workflow easier! From Gdrive, Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar to many more...

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