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Keep track of time spent working on each task in your project. 

Time tracking - Keep track of time spent in each task, by each member and get entire project overview

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Need to keep track of the time spent on the tasks in a project?

Easynotes time tracking app gives you a great overview of every minute spent on each task and by who. It gives you a great overview on spent time on each task.

A time tracking overview of all time spent in the project and by who
Start the timer in the time tracking

With a single click, manage the time spent in a project

It is easy as simply presing the start button when you are starting to work on a project.

One you have started to work on a task you can eighter pause the work or simply finish the time spent. All of this is nicely tracked in your project

Time tracking - Activity log of the tasks

Activity log of the tasks

Keep track of any worked time in a task by anyone

As soon someone has inserted their worked time in a task this will be visibled with a nice overview who are the resources that have been worked on a task and also you will be able to see if they have added any comment.

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Perfect Intergration   for your work

Easynote is offering a wide range of integrations to make your workflow easier! From Gdrive, Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar to many more...

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