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Easynote is most adaptable project management & CRM tool on the market thanks to our unique apps!


Create meetings, see who is participating and have voice/video meetings directly in your browser. Now that's something! 

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See why Easynote is only projectmanagement tool on the market offering scheduled meetings with a webmeeting!

Let us take you through the tour.

Easynote - Schedule a webmeeting and video/call meetings

Schedule a meeting and invite people to your webmeeting

No need to schedule your meetings any longer in Outlook or any other tools. Schedule your webmeeting directly in Easynote and send the invitation to anyone. See who has accepted and have the meeting directly in your browser.

Your created webmeetings

In a simple overview get all the meetings you have created and manage them in a simple way. You will get a shareable link which you can send to anyone to participate in your webmeeting.

Your created webmeeting on Easynote

See who is attending on your meeting

Keep track what users have accepted your meeting and who will be attending on your webmeeting


See who is attending your webmeeting and webmeetings

See the participants

It's very simple to see who is going to attend in your webmeeting. Just see the names of your attendees and the colors will tell you who is attending on you webmeeting. The following colors are describing if a attending is attending; Green (attending), Yellow (Tentative), Red(not attending)

Attend a webmeeting on Easynote


Attending a meeting

Users who get a meeting invitation will receive an email where they will be able to answer if they will be attending a meeting in a simple way.

Manage a webmeeting invitation in your email.

All meeting invitations will be sent to every attendee of a meeting. They can directly through email decide if they are going to attend on a meeting or not.

Manage your webmeeting invitation instantly in your email

Start your webmeeting in your browser! Now that's something!

There is no need to use any other software to have a webmeeting. Use the link generated on Easynote and have the webmeeting with your participants directly in the browsers

No other software needed! Have your scheduled webmeetings directly with all other participants through your browser. Unlimited number of meetings! No limitations!

Use voice and video in your webmeeting

Let's start with the most common ways to communicate. Use your microphone and video to talk to other participants of your webmeeting.

Voice conferance

If you would like to talk to other attendees use any microphone and talk directly

Video conferance

Use your webcamera and have the webmeeting with the other attendees of the meeting

Use voice and video to talk to other participants in your webmeeting

Share your desktop and files with other participants

If you would like to show something to other participants you are able to share your screen and you are having the possiblity to send the files directly to them.

Share you screen

Need to show something to other participants of the meeting? With the simple click share your desktop.

Share your files with other attendees

If you need to send files to the participants simply share those directly in the webmeeting.

Share your desktop with other people directly in the browser on your webmeeting!

Some of other great features available in the webmeeting

Let us show you some of the other great features you will have in the webmeeting.
Easynote is delivering a total solution for scheduled meetings and webmeetings. 

Features of Easynote's webmeeting!
  • View desktop in full screen
  • Start live streaming
  • Record you webmeeting
  • Share on YouTube
  • Share a document
  • Instantly invite more members
  • Toggle view
  • Raise / Lower your hand
  • Chat with other attendees

  • Unlimited members
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Perfect Intergration   for your work

Easynote is offering a wide range of integrations to make your workflow easier! From Gdrive, Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar to many more...

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