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Hosted Easynote on company.pre.easynote.com

Would you like to have your own Easynote instance separated from everyone else, with total control of the data and have it on your own subdomain? Then hosted solution is the right choice for you!

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Easynote hosted solutions

What is hosted solution of Easynote?

Our hosted solution is offering you a separate installation of Easynote on a custom domain
eg: mycompany.pre.easynote.com

Separated database

All information created on your separate instance of Easynote will be only accessable by you and not used by any other users! You have your own database!

Custom domain

In order to give you more control and better access your company will be assigned a custom domain where your instance of Easynote will be available.

Custom login

We wil make sure that no one has access to your domain except your users and they will be the only ones who can access your instance of Easynote for more contro!

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