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Why Easynote is the best Monday.com alternative?

Monday.com is great product but it's missing some of amazing features Easynote has. Are you looking for an Dapulse alternative that's easy to use? Here is why Easynote is better Dapulse alternative.

Dapulse Alternative - Why Easynote is best Dapulse alternative

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Why is Easynote a better Monday.com alternative?

Monday.com is really nice task manager but the price and features can not be compared with Easynote.
Easynote is leading task manager when it comes functions and usability.

Monday.com Alternative

Unlimited projects

On Easynote you can have unlimited projects which helps you to stay even more organized.

Unlimited functions

Easynote is giving you all functions for free and unlimited! No limits on anything because we really donĀ“t like limit users or their creativity.

Unlimited tasks

Of course as we offer unlimited projects we are offering unlimited number of tasks connected to each project.

Free support

Easynote offers 24/7 support to all users. Phone, Email or Skype we are always available

Team Collaboration

Easynote is perfect for team collaboration and you can invite unlimited users to every of your projects.

Free storage

We give everyone 1GB free storage to store their files in the file manager or have them as file attachments,

Easynote vs Monday.com

Are you interested why Easynote is better task manager than Monday.com?
Let us show you a small comparation of the features between Monday.com and Easynote.


Shared Tasks lists, Projects and Calendars

Simply share your tasks lists, projects and calendars with other members.


Not available for personal account


All included

Activity feed

Keep track of history what has happened within a project and by who


Not available at all



Number of project members allowed

Allowed members to have per account


5 users only allowed


Unlimited numbe of members

Manage files

Availability to manage all your files in the cloud


No option available


Filemanager available

Phone support

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Not available for personal account


24/7 support available

No Training Required

Easynote is so simple to use that you can get started within minutes.

Best Dapulse Alternative

4 reasons why users prefer Easynote over Monday.com

Monday.com is working great when you have only few tasks and projects to manage but after while it becomes much more complicated to handle due to all colors available.
You can easily loose track of your tasks and what you need to accomplish.

When using Easynote you have a great overview of all your tasks which you can add to your different categories.

On Easynote you have a great overview on who is responsible for what task, urgency, deadlines, updates etc..
But let us tell 4 dfferent reasons why users prefer Easynote as Monday.com alternative.

Easy to use

Easynote is much more simpler to manage and have better overview of your tasks than Monday.com

Team activity

With Easynote you can keep track of your teams activity and always follow what has been updated.

Better functions

Easynote offers a lot of great functions and everything is included out of the box and nicely integrated compared to Monday.com.

File management

Easynote is giving you a great filemanager to manage all your files in the cloud and we are taking a daily backup everyday! Access anywhere!

Take quick overview of Easynote's features

With Easynote you get a world of unlimited opportunities.
Let us show you why Easynote is one of the best Monday.com alternatives.

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Companies prefer Easynote and have started to use it as Dapulse alternative

Easynote users love simplicity, efficiency, great support and amazing functions.
Easynote's functions are created with user in mind and we really care about simplicity. On top of everything we are offering great support and have daily backups of everthing to a cost of nonthing. That is why companies simply find Easynote as better Dapulse alternative.

Easynote is 100% free - No limitations!

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