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There is no better project management tool on the market that let's your team to be more inspired and creative thanks to our unique apps. Easynote is trully a unique collaborative work management platform for creatives that lets you spend more time being creative, while providing visibility and efficiency.



Ability to analyze things first


Thinking of things no one else has concidered before


Being able to structure a plan of action with clear goals and deadlines

Creatives deliver their best work faster with Easynote

Get creative and put your thoughts and ideas into Easynote and simply turn them into workable tasks instantly.

from idea to finished product.

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Collaboration for creative teams with Easynote

Collaboration for creative teams

Being creative is hard. Therefore we have gathered most important tools in Easynote that will help you on this journey, and collaboration is a key to success for your project.

UX Team Manager is being creative with Easynote

"Our UX and UI team have a very important task and are on of the most creative people in our projects and it's important to have the right tools on this journey, and that is what Easynote delivers"

- Meisje Powley
   UX Team Manager

Manage your change requests with Easynote

Quickly respond to change requests and move the project forward faster

A project in early stage can change quite quickly and when working with ideas it's important to keep track of any changes and with Easynote you will always be ontop of any changes in your project!


"It's super crucial for our projects to keep track of any changes and to have the right change request approval process. Easynote just make the flow work seamlessly."

- Marc Peterson
   Interior designer

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Easynote has gathered some great and free creative books for you and your team.