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Product development involves developing products by conducting market research, gathering requirements, determining specifications, production timetables, pricing and time-integrated plans for product introduction.

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product development

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Amazing apps in our task manager which will support the product development

Task management

Manage all the tasks in a  simple yet efficient way when you are working with your product development

Change management

Make sure to keep track of any changes on your journey so you know what worked and what has not.

Risk management

Identify the risks when you are developing your products and mitigate those easily.


Keep track on how much time you and your team have spent on each task in your product development


Generate any type of reports which will help you to speed up and be more organized


Team collaboration and communication is super important and therefore we have the right tools for you to communicate!

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Customer case

How Illux Technologies are using Easynote for product development

For our company and the industry we are working in (Lightning) we trully have been more than happy what Easynote has provided in order for us to follow the entire chain of a product development.

We are managing our entire product development on Easynote from the very early idea to product delivery and follow up.

Damir Huskic
CEO - Illux Techologies