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6 Project Management skills to know as project manager

We have identified 6 very important project management skills which you as project manager need to know in your daily work. These skills will help you to reach your project goals in your daily work.

6 Project Management skills to know as project manager


Great leadership is essetial skill to be a great project manager. Be a leader, not a boss. This will help you on your journey!


Have a clear and simple communication so everyone understands you and you them.

Planning skills

Project scheduling is a core project management skill, but one that surprisingly, many managers do not pay much attention to.

Time management

Clearly determinate how other people will spend their time and have clear communication of it.

Risk management

It is very important to identify the risks early in your project in order to mitigate those.


Budgeting is big part of a project and make sure to follow your finances all the time.

Keep track of all your tasks

Have a great overview of all tasks that needs to be done and those which are completed.

Ongoing tasks

To have an overview of all ongoing tasks as project manager is crucial for your project.

Completed tasks

To know what needs to be done is great, but it is also important to know what tasks have been completed.

Easynote - The right choise for project management teams - Adapt the tool to your needs

Adapt the tool according to your needs

Easynote is known for its unique app system which offers you ability to adapt the tool according to your needs as project manager


Install the apps you need in your project. This gives you the option to have the right tools for right project.

New features

Easynote is being developed as project management tool all the time, and we are adding more feature day by day.

Adapt Easynote to your needs thanks to our unique apps

Available features for you as project manager

We have gathered some of the tools you need as project manager when you are working with project management.

Check out some of the amazing features Easynote is offering you! 

  • Task management
  • Team collaboration
  • 100 GB storage
  • 3x Daily backup of your data
  • Phone and Live chat support
  • Re-occuring tasks
  • Set start date and end date on tasks
  • Set reminder on expiring tasks and get notified
  • Sync tasks with your Google Calendar
  • Google Drive - Upload files from your Google Drive
  • Dropbox - Upload files from your Dropbox
  • Unlimited checklists
  • Subtasks
  • Task dependency - Make sure other tasks are completed before anotherone can start
  • Change management - Keep track of any changes in your project
  • Webconferance - Schedule meetings, invite participants and have video and chat conferance in your browser!
  • Read only projects - Give access to members to only view your projects.
  • Premium Support
  • Sort tasks by - Urgency, Deadline, Responsibility, Status
  • Filter tasks in overview quickly
  • Import tasks from Excel
  • Export tasks to Excel
  • Milestones and connect tasks to them
  • Filemanager to manage your files
  • Activity - Keep track of what is happening in a project
  • Meeting minutes - written record of everything that's happened during a meeting. Save as PDF
  • Percentage completed - Set how much percentage a task has been completed
  • Statistics - A great statistics overview of your projects
  • Comments - Add comments to your tasks
  • Notifications - Get notification about any changes in your tasks. Assign multiple people responsible
  • Risk management - Manage risks in your projects
  • Steering meetings - Report your projects to a steering team
  • Share tasks - Share your tasks with people outside Easynote - Example: Clients
  • Timetracking - Keep track of worked time on each task and see the total project overview by members
  • Reports - Generate any type of reports and schedule them for sending by email and PDF to anyone.

Companies using Easynote for
project management

Many companies have choosen Easynote for project management and there is a good reason for that.

We are using Easynote to manage all our project within our company and we are so happy to use this project.

The ability to scale the tool according the needs of the project is awesome!


Edina Gozic

Project manager

For the last 3 years we have been using Easynote in our daily work and some of the tools that Easynote is offering: risk management, change management, steering meetings is crucial for our project managers


Nermina Hadzic

Marketing manger

The apps and the scability of Easynote is trully unique. It gives us total control of all project and we can easy adapt Easynote to all of different project. We strongly recommend Easynote!


Jason Coglan

Sales manager

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