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It’s time to say goodbye to all complex project management tools! Check out why Easynote is World's most versitile task manager and project management tool!

Easynote - Without limits!

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The most tailormade task manager and project management tool thanks to our uniqe app system!

Have you used task manager and project management tools which
have way to many functions that you might need? Have you used tools that are missing features?

What if you could adapt the tool just for your needs on each individual project?
Tailormade according to your needs? This is what Easynote does for you!

Adapt Easynote to your needs thanks to our apps which you install individually
in each project and in this way your are adapting the tool to your needs, to your project!
Now that's something!

Easynote app system - The most adaptable project management tool and task manager
Easynote apps

Easynotes unique app system and apps

Thanks to our unique app system you can tailor made Easynote to your needs on project basis! This is something trully unique and give the the total control of any project. No more clutter in projects.


Easynote for teams

From marketing to product development management, Easynote has a custom made solution for your team thanks to our apps.

A World of unlimited opportunities

Easynote offers you unlimited features in order to make your job easier. We really don´t like limits!

Unlimited projects

Create unlimited projects and manage access to those in a very simple way!

Unlimited tasks

We really don´t like limits so you can create unlimited number of tasks in each project!

Unlimited functions

Unlimited access to all functions for all Easynote users in your team!

Unlimited support

Our support is always ready and available for our users by phone, skype and email.

Easynote - Unlimited opportunities for you as project manager

Some of our great features

Easynote comes with a great deal of functions and we are listing some of them. We are constantly adding new features and we have some exciting news on the way!

See below what is included in the business and extended packages.

  • Collaboration
  • Risk management
  • Re-occuring tasks
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Alerts
  • Timezones
  • Checklists
  • Task activity
  • Time tracking
  • Export tasks as PDF / Excel
  • Import tasks
  • Subtask
  • Meeting minutes
  • Adaptable task overview
  • Duplicate projects
  • File attachments
  • File manager
  • Google Drive / Dropbox
  • Task deadline
  • Risk management 
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Risk management 
  • Dashboard - All projects overview
  • 5+ languages translated 
  • Multiple responsible
  • Multiple notifications
  • Milestones
  • Webmeetings
  • Share tasks outside Easynote
  • Read only projects
  • Project statistics
  • Read only projects

55 000+ users & 15 000 companies can not be wrong!

There is a good reason why our users love Easynote. It's simple, yet scalable and adaptable to your needs and that is why Easynote is so popular!

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Perfect Intergration   for your work

Easynote is offering a wide range of integrations to make your workflow easier! From Gdrive, Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar to many more...

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